Community Hour

Each weekday we dedicate one hour to local outreach. A forum for local community businesses, education programs, government updates and social and environmental projects. By Tulum, for Tulum.

11:00 am

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Awake is Radio Tulum's morning offering to enlighten and inspire. Broadcast live every morning from one of the great and most ancient energy epicentres of the planet with the intention to explore and share. No topic off limits, we are the third eye of perspective.

9:00 am

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Tulum Unplugged

Live and unplugged, listen to our best recordings from the studio and around Tulum. Meet our local talent & very special guests.

12:00 pm

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Mid-day Reggae

Because we are on the Caribbean after all! Explore Reggae every afternoon on Radio Tulum.  

MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - That’s What I call Reggae THURSDAY - Essential Reggae FRIDAY - Reggae Chilled WEEKEND - Tribute to Bob & Bob

2:00 pm

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What’s your story? Mandeep has been collecting human stories for years and you can listen to his pet project here. We all have stories, and the more you listen, the more you realized there’s little difference between us. We are all human.

4:00 pm

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Disco Inferno

Four on the floor for when your Tuesdays need that extra disco ball shine. Before there was House there was… Disco!

5:00 pm

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The Grand Maharishi

Your local Guru. He’s ran away from the Ashram, and if you can’t find him on the beaches of Tulum you can listen to his words of wisdom every week right here.

6:00 pm

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Crate Full of Records

This vinyl collector of rare music shares both his vinyl and digital experiences from around the globe. From Jazz to funk and soul, delight your ears with the best finds from all over the world.  

7:00 pm

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Radio Tulum takes an hour to showcase 1 musician from around the World - Interviews and profound insights.


  • Bole
  • Gabriel Palatchi -Trivolution
  • Padrinos
  • Camilo Nu [Saturday]
  • Dalia [Sunday]
  • Max Baloti
  • Gabriel gonzales


  • Raz ohara (Berlin)
  • Filipa Lazary (Ibiza)
  • And many more

8:00 pm

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History of Rock n’ Roll

At Radio Tulum we believe in the value of aggregating the history of music and musical styles, and the importance of knowing where we came from. Before genres, it was all just Rock n Roll.

MONDAY - Rock N Roll: Songwriters TUESDAY - Soul WEDNESDAY - Blues THURSDAY - Current or mix WEEKEND - Rock N Roll: The Beatles Weekends

9:00 pm

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Pop Shop

Get your pop rocks off with the latest/ & Old pop classics music from around the world.  


10:00 pm

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Hollywood Movies

These classics never go out of style. Radio adaptations of your favourite Hollywood features.

1:00 am

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Live DJ Sets

[mixcloud width=50% height=120 [...]

2:00 am

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